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Top Speakers • Learning • Networking • Media

November 8, 2007
Los Angeles, California

Our Speakers Will Inspire Your Greatness

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You'll create your compelling vision, develop your brand, form your success teams, balance your life, and learn revolutionary sales and marketing techniques. Now you can finally bust through the roadblocks holding you back and realize your dreams!

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Keynote Speaker
Mimi Donaldson
Author, Entrepreneur, Comedienne

Bless Your Stress

It Means You’re Still Alive

"There’s good news and bad news about stress; the only stress-free zone that exists is a cemetery--for the residents, that is!"

If you can feel your stress it means you’re still kicking, ticking, and clicking! In other words, a bad day alive beats the heck out of a good day dead!

Stress may be preventing you from achieving the success you deserve. Mimi will help you see the stress triggers coming and respond to them effectively.

This entertaining and informative session will educate you, enlighten you, enliven you, and give you the inspiration you need to take control of your stress before it controls you!

You'll learn:

• How Stress Can Be Contained & Cleaned Up
• Why the Littlest Things Bother You
• How to Motivate Yourself and Others
• How to Identify the Stress "Triggers"

• Make Peace with the War Within
• Balance Your Life
• Causes of the Stress Response
• Convert Your Stress into Positive Energy!

Mimi Donaldson is the author of the new book, Bless Your Stress. She has shared her humor and wit at over 900 events in over 100 cities in North America, Europe and Mexico. Mimi has shared the stage with such notable celebrities as Colin Powell, Elizabeth Dole, Maya Angelou, and Katie Couric. She's found that the best way to be bold is to laugh at life, and at ourselves!

Elinor Stutz
Author and CEO of Smooth Sale

5 Ways to Close the Sale Every Time

"Selling doesn’t have to be a dirty word. If know you must sell to build your business, but you don’t like the idea of selling, this presentation is for you."

Are you uncomfortable pitching your product or yourself?

In this dynamic and interactive session, you'll discover new ways of selling and marketing that will turn "No" into "Yes" with ease. You'll take firm, confident steps to gain more clients, contacts, referrals and opportunities.

The Art of Relationship Selling is based on 3 behaviors throughout the sales cycle. You'll set for building repeat business, referrals and testimonials. Your business will grow dynamically.

No more arm-twisting, used car salesman approach. Instead, you'll get on the fast-track and generating revenue on demand.

You'll learn:

• How to Build Credibility and Trust from the Start
• How to Turn "No" into "Yes"
• Overcoming the Most Difficult Objections
• How to Become the Vendor of Choice

• How to Generate Word of Mouth Referrals
• Creating Lifetime Customers

Elinor Stutz, author and founder and CEO of Smooth Sale, specializes in sales training for women entrepreneurs and network marketers. Her style is genuine and her materials are original. Her presentations come from her own real-world experience based on 13 years of corporate sales Her book, Smooth Selling, is a quick course in how to develop raving fans and close the sale.

Nikki Kilgore
Co-Founder of

Internet Wealth

Take Your Website from Boring
to “Cha-Ching”

“Your website should build credibility, answer questions, and generate sales. If it doesn’t, you need to learn the secrets that will unleash your website riches.”

Nikki Kilgore will teach you the secrets of creating a successful (and profitable!) website. Tap into hidden profits, ignite your sales and avoid costly mistakes. These critical tips will show you how to create a successful website that generates revenue on demand, without wasting time and money!

Nikki will share the exact steps she has taken to create a web presence with businesses just like yours. You'll leave with a rock-solid commitment to grow your business and a profitable Internet strategy fueled by time-tested online techniques that guarantee success.

You'll learn:

• The 5 Keys to Successful Selling on the Web
• Top 10 Internet Do’s and Don’ts
• Delete-Proof Email Marketing
• How to Transform Your Web Site into Products and Services that Sell


• How to Avoid Treacherous Traps and Costly Mistakes
• The Web Sales Cycle
• Outdated Websites vs. the Newest Trends

Nikki Kilgore specializes in website design and marketing that makes sense (and dollars!). She is the vice president and co-founder of, which develops high-quality websites and digital products that get results. Nikki’s mission is to help you create affordable, targeted, and profitable web marketing campaigns.

Colette Carlson
Communications Expert and
Featured Author in Conversations on Success

Negotiation and Power Talk

Get What you Want!

“Women are never going to get what they want and deserve until they learn how to ask for it with confidence, clarity and clout.”

Are you losing business deals because you hesitate to ask clearly and directly for what you want? Do you give away your power through self-defeating behaviors? Do you know when – and when not – to negotiate?

Women in business want to be seen as strong, capable and competent. Yet even smart women make costly communication and negotiation mistakes. It's been estimated that women lose at least $300,000 in their lifetimes because they lack negotiating skills.

Gain the credibility, respect and results you deserve by learning how to:

• Determine and overcome your internal obstacles to assertiveness
• Understand and leverage gender communication differences
• Project a powerful image by avoiding self-defeating behaviors
• Negotiate from a position of inner strength and dignity

• Identify the best time and location for a meeting
• Recognize and counter the most common negotiating ploys
• Use clear and direct language to get what you want – the first time!

Colette Carlson, M.A. is passionate about helping women get what they want through the power of words. Corporate clients, including Merck, Boeing, Impac and USG benefit from Colette’s 15 years of experience as a former National Sales Trainer for a division of US West and her work experience with professional sales trainers Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins. As principal of Colette Carlson Communications and a featured author in the book, Conversations on Success, she travels the country teaching professionals communication strategies to increase their power and influence.

Gayl Murphy
Hollywood Correspondent and Interview Expert

Gayl Murphy and Paul Giamatti

Media Branding

You Gotta Tell It
To Sell It

“With the explosion in media, it seems like everyone is being booked for interviews these days: TV, radio, Internet media, print, you name it... So, what about you? Will you be ready to step up to the microphone when your big break comes?"

Smart women know how to master the media. Hollywood correspondent Gayl Murphy will give you the celebrity secrets of how to go one-on-one with the press, give killer interviews and not get clobbered in the process.

Of you're gonna sell it, you've gotta be able to tell it. And if you can't tell your own story, who will?

You'll learn:

• How to Navigate the Media Jungle: Pitching, Hooking and Grabbing
• How to Find Your Media Target - and Speak Their Language
• How to Talk to a Reporter and What They Want to Hear From You
• Why Soundbites Rule
• Big Noises from a Tiny Business
• Getting the Press to Notice You
• The #1 Thing You Can Do to Get the Press to Fall in Love with You


• Winning Interview Tactics
• TV, Radio, Print and Online -- They Are SO Not the Same!
• Trends, Issues and News Pegs - This is Not Your Mother¹s Pitch
• How to Get Asked Back Again and Again 

Gayl Murphy is the author of Interview Tactics: How to Survive the Media Without Getting Clobbered. As a Hollywood correspondent, she has done over 10,000 celebrity interviews in her on-air career. Gayl knows better than anyone how to master the media and tell your story.

Linda Clemons
CEO of Sisterpreneur

Power Networking

The Fastest Way to Create Your Success Teams

“Build your net worth by building your network.”

Have you ever gone to a seminar to make a lot of connections, but somehow you go home without increasing the size of your network? Look no further. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you’ll get to know the other seminar attendees, on the first day, not the last. Plus, you’ll gather all the information you need from each connection to begin building your Success Teams.

Linda Clemons was one of the most popular speakers at the last Women's Small Business Expo. Be sure to be there on time because this fast-paced and experiential program gets off to a quick start!
Get ready to have some fun. With keen insights and humor, your "sister friend" will release the power networker in you!

Here's What You'll Learn:

• The Best (and Worst) Way to Begin a Networking Conversation
• The Secret to Getting Everything You Want

• How to Work a Room

• How to Set the Stage for Your Most Powerful Seminar Ever
• Have Fun Creating Instant Relationships with Others

Linda Clemons owns Sisterpreneur, a networking group for women of all colors. She has motivated women across the country to reach their optimal potential. Linda is a television and radio personality appearing as the Bargain Diva on Fox Television and hosting Sister Talk Radio.

Cynthia Ryan and Bill Furrell
Women's Business Center and
Valley Economic Development Center

Nuts and Bolts of Financing

for Women-Owned Businesses

"Businesses fail because of lack of funding and necessary information about raising capital.

We can give you tips and effective strategies for funding the business of your dreams."

Cynthia Ryan is the project director for the Women’s Business Center. Nationally these SBA centers have assisted thousands of women owned businesses. Through one-on-one consulting and with the aid of the SBA, they have put over $2.5 billion into the hands of 18,000 women entrepreneurs. Bill Furrell has opened and operated small business, and worked in banking and finance for many years. You'll get simple and practical help in accessing the capital you need to launch or grow your dream business.

You'll learn:

How to Talk to a Lender
Beyond the 5 C's of Credit
How to Package Your Business
Different Loan Programs Available for Your Business


Financial and Educational Resources from the SBA
How to Insure Your Success in Raising Capital

Cynthia Ryan has over 10 years of experience in helping small business owners. Her diverse background ranges from helping women launch high tech and biotech companies to being Project Manager of an Economic Strategic Plan to Revitalize Hollywood.
Bill Furrell is credit manager for the Valley Economic Development Center which focuses on consulting, training, and loan packaging necessary to obtain funding for business operations and expansion.

Linda Hollander
Wealthy Bag Lady

Founder of the Women's Small Business Expo

Marketing to Women Entrepreneurs

Get Your Share of a Trillion Dollar Market

"Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men. They also control 80% of the purchasing decisions in America. Selling to other women business owners is crucial to your survival in business today."

No matter what business you're in, you're running a sales and marketing company. Marketing is the key to skyrocketing your business and living your dreams.

But who should you market to? The power players today are women entrepreneurs just like you. In this entertaining and informative presentation, Linda will unlock the code of why women buy and the deadly mistakes to avoid.

You'll learn:

• How to Unlock the Secret Language of Women
How to Sell with Pictures
How toRecruit Brand Cheerleaders to Spread the Word about Your Company
When Marketing Isn't Enough


Why Customer Loyalty Isn't Always a Good Thing
How to Tap Into the Diversity Markets
Deadly Mistakes to Avoid

Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady, is the author of # 1 best seller, Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business. As the founder of the Women's Small Business Expo, she has devoted herself to helping women achieve the financial independence and unshakable self-confidence that comes with the ownership of a successful small business.

She is currently working on her second book, Women Hold the Purse Strings: the Truth (and Lies) about Marketing to Women Entrepreneurs. Her powerful success strategies will change your life forever.
More about Linda Hollander...
Experts in the Hour of Power

Dianne Legro
The Broadway Speaking Coach

Public Speaking to Grow Your Business

"By learning the secrets of Broadway performers, you'll have powerful stage presence, captivate your audience, grow your business, and get a standing ovation!"

Dianne Legro, the Broadway Speaking Coach, has helped hundreds of business owners just like you get more exposure and more customers. If you have a product or service you’re passionate about and you want to do public speaking, she'll help you create your most compelling marketing message.

Linda Coleman-Willis
Entrepreneur and Author of Loving Yourself First

How To Write, Publish, & Sell Your Book

"Publishing your book has become a powerful way to grow your business. Learn how you can achieve your dream of becoming a published author without giving up your life."

Linda Coleman-Willis originally sold over 40,000 copies of her first book, Loving Yourself First in less than 18 months. Wherever you are in the development of your book (thinking, planning, writing, or producing), Linda Coleman-Willis has the tools to help make your venture faster, easier, cost effective and more successful.

Dr. Nina Craft
Founder of the Women's Peace Campaign

Start Your Own Non-Profit Charity

"You can make a difference. As a leader you can start your own non-profit charity, help people and give wings to your dreams."

Do you want your life to make a difference? Your business is the fulcrum that let's you make an impact on society. Dr. Nina Craft is the founder of the Women's Peace Campaign, a charity that helps women who were victims of domestic abuse. She will tell you how to form your own non-profit foundation and change people's lives.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the the Women's Peace Campaign to help victims of domestic abuse


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