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November 8, 2007
Los Angeles, California

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Wealthy Bag Lady's
7 Success Secrets for Women in Business

with Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady
(55 min)

The 7 Success Secrets:

1. You’ve Already Got What it Takes
2. Your Business is a Lifetime Self-Improvement Course
3. A Woman’s Yardstick is Different than a Man’s
4. Wealth Only Corrupts the Corruptible
5. Selling is Nurturing
6. The Octopus is Mightier than the Elephant
7. The Heart Weighs More than the Wallet

Wealthy Bag Lady 7 Secrets Teleclass
(55 min)

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Be ready to take lots of notes.

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Bags to Riches
7 Success Secrets for Women in Business

by Linda Hollander,
The Wealthy Bag Lady


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