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Top Speakers • Learning • Networking • Media

November 8, 2007
Los Angeles, California

      women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners

At the Women's Small Business Expo you'll learn secrets and strategies for success so you can realize your dreams, crank up your business, and grow!

Here's what you'll learn from our fabulous speakers:

Turn Your Passion into Profit

• How to Capitalize on Your Natural Strengths as a Woman

• Conquer Fear, Shyness and Other Obstacles

• How to Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

• Practice Lifetime Learning

• Do What You Love and Share Your Gifts with the World

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners

Sales and Marketing

• How to Turn $95 into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

• Criteria and Strategies to Help You Make the Right Marketing Decisions

• How to create your strategic attraction plan

• Creating Collaboration rather than Competition

• How to Create Customer Loyalty by Attracting Your Perfect Customers

. How to Build Your Customer Base by Tapping Into Growth Communities with Buying Power

Special Financing for
Women-Owned Businesses

• Get the Money You Need to Finance Your Dream Business

• Special Programs for Women and Minority-Owned Businesses

• How to Work with Lenders

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners

Online Profits

• The NetProfits System

• How to Build Massive Traffic

• The Best Email Marketing Strategies

• The Most Profitable Sites on the Internet

• Keywords and Tags that Spark Online Orders

• Search Engine Strategies

. How to Convert the Lookie Loos into Sales

Negotiate to Win

• 5 Secrets to "Seal the Deal" every time

• The Best Way to Motivate Yourself and Others

• Avoid the 5 Pitfalls that Throw Us Off-Course

• How to Push Your "Pause Button" to Keep Your Emotions in Check

• Control your Speech, Body Language and Gestures to Get Amazing Results

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners

Your Success Plan

• A Mission Statement That Positions Your Business and Guides All Your Future Decisions

• Create and Articulate Your Compelling Vision

• Make Decisions Confidently and Take Action

• Developing More Clarity and Focus in Your Business

• Bring Spirituality to Your Business

• How to Super-Size Your Goals

Media and Free Publicity

• A Hook to Grab Media Attention, Establish a Presence and Promote Your Business for FREE

• A Profile of Your Ideal Customer So You Can Write Copy That Sells

. Headlines That Keep 'Em Reading, So You Can Skyrocket Your Business

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners


• A "YouNique" Marketing Moniker To Attract Your Ideal Clients

• Elevate your credibility through the power of the media in the eyes of decision- makers within your marketplace

• Get everyone talking. about you, about your business, about your product and service


Management and Leadership
. 4 steps to Managing Anyone

• Effective Leadership

• How to Attract Top Performers

• How to Motivate Your Yourself and Your Staff

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners

Growth Strategies

• 10 Sure-Fire Growth Strategies for Tough Times

• How to Get Ahead in Less Time, with Less Stress

• Make Decisions Confidently and Take Action

Power Networking

• Techniques on How to Work a Room

• The Best Ways to Run Your Mastemind Teams

• How to Fill Any Workshop You Teach

. Ways to Turn Contacts into Contracts

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners

Life Balance

• Create More Success, Balance and Fulfillment at Work and in Your Life

• Increase Your Self-Worth by Being "Possibly Focused"

• Creating a Quantum Shift in Your Business or Your Life

• How to Find Fulfillment in a Fast-Paced World

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Part of the proceeds will be donated to the the Women's Peace Campaign



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