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Top Speakers • Learning • Networking • Media

November 6, 2007
Ayres Hotel • Greater Los Angeles, California

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Bless Your Stress Negotiating for Women

Women's Small Business Expo will bring extraordinary women of different generations and backgrounds together with the world's top business experts. You'll learn strategies for success so you can crank up your business, and grow!

The Women's Small Business Expo will have accelerated learning, keynote speakers, success team building, breakout sessions, one-on-one mentoring and lots of power networking.

The Women's Small Business Expo is only for women who want success now. You'll create your entrepreneurial success plan, shape your destiny and be ready to hit the ground running.

Everyone of us has roadblocks. To succeed you need to find ways to get around the stumbling blocks, meet challenges head on and move ahead with your goals.

You'll have fun and realize your dreams!

Sally Peoples
Pure and Simple

"This expo has changed my
business life

"In this dynamic group of people, I made 2 of the most important contacts for things that were missing in my business. Our business is finally ready to move to the next level. Thank you Women's Small Business Expo!"

-Sally Peoples, Pure and Simple
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Your success is guaranteed. If you don't think the Expo will help you realize your business goals, we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.
Part of the proceeds will be donated to the the Women's Peace Campaign to help victims of domestic violence.  


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Who Should Attend

The Women's Small Business Expo is for emerging entrepreneurs as well as women who are already operating their own small businesses. Men are encouraged to come if they want success and support strong women.

If you haven't started your businesses yet, you'll benefit by learning good habits, rather than un-learning bad ones. If you're already in business, you'll discover how to eliminate the barriers to your success. You'll get strategies you can implement immediately so you can hit the ground running and take your business to the next level.

Did you know?

Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men.
Currently there are over 10.6 million women-owned businesses employing 19.1 million people and generating $2.5 trillion in sales.
Women make or influence over 80% of all purchasing decisions.
Business growth is the #1 concern of business owners.
By 2010 women will have the majority of wealth in America.

Create Your Destiny in Only 2 Days

You'll write your own Entrepreneurial Success Plan and shape your future.

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Women's Small Business Expo
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