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November 8, 2007
Los Angeles, California

Who is the Wealthy Bag Lady?

Linda Hollander, the founder of the Women's Small Business Expo, is also known as the Wealthy Bag Lady.

She's been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and wrote the # 1 best-selling book, Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business, one of the only books that shows entrepreneurial women how to start and succeed in their own businesses.

Linda started out worse than broke. She was buried in debt, involved in abusive relationships and couldn’t find a way out of the poverty trap.

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Linda Hollander
Wealthy Bag Lady

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners

Bags to Riches Book

She and her best friend, Sheryl Felice, used their girl-power to the max. They launched a packaging business called The Bag Ladies which sells custom-printed paper and plastic bags to leading-edge companies. She made every mistake and faced every kind of business roadblock imaginable. Since The Bag Ladies is one of the only women-owned packaging firms in the country, women were attracted to her business.

Her clients include Disney, Cisco Systems, Mattel, Universal Studios, Nissan, Yamaha, Sony, Revlon, Dunn Edwards Paints, Sanyo Fisher, Avery Dennison, Day Runner, Columbia Tri Star, CBS, Robinson's May, Casio Phone Mate, Gold's Gym, City of Hope, Union Bank, ASCAP, Powerade, Kaiser Permanente, IBM, Spelling Television, Edison, Variety, Ocean Spray, Sears and Infiniti.

After writing the book, Linda heard from women all across the country. They told her that Bags to Riches was the first book that really spoke to them and it changed their lives forever.

The book gave Linda the chance to mentor many amazing women entrepreneurs, but she began to realize there was still something missing. Women needed a forum to where they could meet and learn from the world's leading business experts, talk one-on-one with mentors, network with other entrepreneurs, form success teams, create lasting connections and have fun. The Women's Small Business Expo was born.

Linda has talked with thousands of women entrepreneurs during the last 20 years and knows the many unique challenges facing women business owners: Sales, Marketing, Access to Capital, Branding, Negotiating, Managing People, Motivating Yourself, Creating Your Success Teams, Living Your Passion, Conquering Fear and Realizing Your Dreams!

At the Women's Small Business Expo, you'll create an Entrepreneurial Success Plan that will double your business and double your income in only 1 year.

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
In today's economy you can't wait years to make it in your business. You have to make it quickly in order to keep up with the speed of business.
At the Women's Small Business Expo, you'll be actively creating your future, not passively listening to boring lectures. You'll write and work your Entrepreneurial Success Plan in one weekend so you can hit the ground running.

The Women's Small Business Expo will bring extraordinary women of different generations and backgrounds together with the world's top business experts. You'll learn strategies for success so you can realize your dreams, crank up your business, and grow!

Here's what you'll learn from the fabulous speakers: women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Part of the proceeds will be donated to the the Women's Peace Campaign which helps victims of domestic abuse.


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